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Why You Need to Be Resilient

Right now, the landscape of pressure for business and enterprise has changed.  

In today’s environment you are going to face more challenges, changes, setbacks, obstacles, push backs and failure than ever before.

You will be under greater stress to deliver more in less time with fewer resources.  You will be confronted by continual challenges, unprecedented changes, and heightened pressure.

You will be required give more of yourself, deal with daily rejection, take on greater responsibility, and, at times, find yourself right out of your comfort zone.  

Will you be resilient enough to thrive? 

Your ability to adapt, embrace and overcome these challenges is going to determine how successful you are going to be.  Your resilience intelligence is going to be the difference between whether you thrive and succeed or break and burnout. 

Your resilience is now the currency of survival, adaptability and success.  

A major key to your success is being able to recover quickly from setbacks, adapt to change, and remain engaged and motivated – without burning yourself out. 

In the Pressure Proof Program, you will learn how to thrive in high-pressure environments, bounce back from setbacks and challenges, and keep your drive alive.

The Pressure Proof Program gives you access to a suite of practical resilience strategies that will teach you how to achieve more in high-pressure environments. 

In this program, you will learn how to:

  • Bounce back faster from setbacks and challenges
  • Remain motivated under pressure 
  • Thrive and adapt in a competitive environment
  • Recover quickly from failures and rejections 
  • Become solution focused and positive instead of complaining and feeling negative.
  • Build mental toughness to quickly recover from setbacks
  • Maintain a positive energy throughout your day 
  • Increase your emotional threshold to pressure when dealing with draining or difficult situations.

How the program works

We have taken proven resilience research and chunked it down into a series of concise and easy to understand video tutorials (ranging from 2-10 mins each) that you can watch and implement right away.

Each video tutorial comes with an action sheet with tips on how to implement each tip so you can anchor the strategies into activity.  

The action sheets also contain a discussion point to help you share these principles with your team.

There is a Pressure Proof Self Assessment Diagnostic that highlights where your resilience strengths lie and identify where you can improve.  

You also receive access to a library of audio expert interviews who speak on topics such as mindset, motivation, succeeding against the odds, developing grit, life balance, and much more!  

This is an ‘on demand’ program so you can access any video tutorial from any location (on any device) at any time.  You can go straight to the video tutorials that are the most relevant to you.

The program is very time efficient as all the video tutorials are concise and require no pre-reading, no forms to fill in and no tests to take.  

The video tutorials can also serve as an excellent teaching tool as they allow you and your team to learn the strategies without you having to take time to teach each principle and action step. 

The program focuses on the implementation of action, rather than the accumulation of knowledge, so you can start to see the results of your efforts before the program is fully completed.

Should you have any questions during the program, you are welcome to email us at any time.

You have access to all the live online webinars, group coaching, and video tutorials for an entire 12 months.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Pressure Proof Diagnostic Self-Assessment

    • Pressure Proof Diagnostic Self-Assessment

    • Pressure Proof Diagnostic

  • 2

    MENTAL TOUGHNESS: Staying Centred, clear and calm under pressure

    • Don't Waste the Pain - turn your pain, setback or frustration into learning and benefit

    • Flip it Over - bounce back by being able to change your focus to a lighter, less stressful side of life.

    • Turn it Down - the importance of turning down the emotional intensity of your reactions to problems and challenges.

    • Get Over It - how to exchange worry and stewing for activity

    • Silence the Chatter - tuning out from the negative thoughts that are not useful to you, and tuning into the thoughts that will be useful in helpful you achieve what you want in life.

    • Find the Thumbs - adjusting your mindset to maximise your impact in high pressure situations

    • Couldn’t Care Less - not taking people too personally

    • Emotion Travels Faster than Logic - keeping a level head

    • Get Your Head Straight - moving beyond dwelling on the past

    • Lucky Person’s Problems - using gratitude to stay grounded

  • 3

    ADAPTABILITY & FLOW: Fostering agility, resourcefulness and innovation

    • Fail Forward - build your resilience by deciding to have a growth or fixed attitude.

    • Be the Driver - make the choice to have the mindset of the Driver (and take charge), or the Passenger (and be a victim).

    • Fail Light - how to be light with failure so that you can achieve more in tough environments

    • Fail Safely - the importance of not persecuting failure and creating a safe space to innovate

    • Fail Smart - how asking better questions will direct your thinking towards finding solutions and keep your drive alive.

    • Channel the Greats - viewing problems and setbacks through the eyes of people who inspire you so that you can see a better way to bounce back

    • Avoid Situational Blindness - seeing the bigger picture and identifying solutions

    • Stop Playing Safe - being comfortable with risk and innovation

  • 4

    TENACIOUS MOTIVATION: Igniting personal drive, grit and enthusiasm

    • Adversity Builds Resilience - building your immunity to setbacks and failure

    • Chase a Challenge - ignite your motivation by creating a destination worth chasing

    • Get into Action - maintaining your momentum and staying on track in a high pressure environment

    • Overcome the Barriers - getting past the barriers, roadblocks and obstacles that stop activity and momentum

    • Reward the Effort - accelerating your implementation and motivation in with difficult targets and tough environments

    • Stay on Track - staying emotionally motivated when working on long, difficult or challenging tasks

    • Win each day - using progress markers to build momentum and motivation

    • Curb Your Enthusiasm - infusing activity into planning

    • Maintain Your Momentum - dealing with resistance and obstacles

    • Short Pain for Long Gain - creating stickability to stay on track

    • Tenacity Drives Resilience - tapping into the motivation of the human spirit

  • 5

    SUSTAINABLE ENERGY: Maximising output stamina and lifestyle balance

    • Release the Tension - how to release the tension from stressful situations so that you can stay fresh and energised.

    • Multiple Success Currencies - creating life balance by creating success in multiple facets of your life

    • Switch your Mode - switching out of a busy and intense work mode into slower and more relaxed personal mode

    • Unwind your Mind - sustaining your wellbeing and preventing yourself from burning out

    • Unlock your Body - Using natural pick-me-ups to keep your energy high when you have been working for hours at a time

    • Get Unplugged - allowing yourself to not being ‘always on’

    • Just Slow down - taking time to appreciate life and give back to yourself

  • 6


    • 90-Day Implementation program - getting started

  • 7


    • Interview: Justin Herald - created a multi-million dollar business at the age of 25 with $50 in the bank

    • Interview: Kirsty Dunphey - author of the books 'Advanced to Go - Collect $1 Million' and 'Retired at 27 - If I Can Do It Anyone Can'

    • Interview: Naomi Tickle is an professionally trained Personology expert - which is the science of face reading

    • Interview: Andrew May is regarded as one of Australia's leading experts on performance and productivity

    • Interview: Dr. Craig Hassed is a general practitioner and senior lecturer at Monash University in the department of General Practice (Melbourne, Australia).

    • Interview: Matt Church is an expert on thought leadership. He has published articles and books covering a range of topics on health, motivation, business and leadership.

    • Interview: WALTER MIKAC’S story touched the world. His wife and two little girls were amongst 35 people shot dead at Australia’s worst ever massacre, at Port Arthur, Tasmania, in 1996.

    • Interview: John Engelander - created businesses, lost them, and then built them again. This is the story of his resilience in business and life.

Feedback from the program

Noeleen Langford

National People & Culture Manager, A&L Windows

“Your common sense approach to building resilience gave people the confidence to put these principles in place both in their professional and personal lives.”

Rafael Moyano

CEO Australia, The Adecco Group

“An outstanding program! It dealt with the topic of dealing with adversity on a very practical level that lends well to implementation in the workplace.”

Julianne Ross

CHN Herold Ross

"The accounting profession generates high levels of stress and that means that our team is always under some performance pressure to keep producing quality of work and to service the needs of our clients. Your strategies have helped us to both embrace that pressure and to know how to use it to enhance our performance and productivity."

Louise Manwaring

Principal, Mudgee High School

“As teachers we are helping to mould and guide young lives, so it is important that we stay focused and enthusiastic with our work. It’s hard to do that with the everyday rush of the job. Michael’s program has helped us to just that. We need to take a moment each day to release the pressure and rebuild our resilience.”

Anna Hart

National Human Resources Manager, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

"Your resilience strategies provided our team with relevant and useful information, and practical ways to manage the pressures experienced in the workplace and at home."

Ian Crates

CEO, Accredo Software Pty Limited

"Michael’s ‘pressure proof’ strategies were spot on for my group. His cutting edge ideas on sustaining high performance resonated with everyone."

Watch a sample tutorial

Below are a select few video tutorials available for you to review so you can experience the principles and strategies yourself.  

Watch Intro Video

Video: Don't waste the pain

Turn your pain, setback or frustration into learning and benefit

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