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The online seminars run for about 30 minutes.   

Each session is face paced and very practical.

You have the options of asking questions during the seminar if you wish.

COMING UP: From Panic to Power

How to take control, adapt yourself, and find solutions during this highly disruptive, panic fuelled, changing environment

As the world around you is rapidly changing, and your immediate future is filled with uncertainty, it is essential that you are able to stay composed and in control of your emotions.  Now, more than ever, you will need to draw on your resilience to find solutions, flow with change, and look for opportunities to stay relevant and solve problems.

Your resilience will be determined by your mindset and your most ingrained reaction to pressure.  

In this online seminar we will talk about the key resilience principles to help you adapt, endure and overcome the unique and overwhelming changes and challenges that you are currently facing due to the disruption and massive impact that the coronavirus has on industry, business and education.    

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Webinar: From Panic to Power

COMING UP: Resilience Rituals & Routines

Establishing habits and patterns to help you stay positive, mentally fit and energised during these tough times

As the world goes into a chaotic spin, you need to establish a ‘new normal’ lifestyle.  Establishing resilience habits and daily rituals is imperative to maintaining your own sanity as well as nurturing the emotional wellbeing of those around you

Self-management in these unprecedented times is crucial for maintaining a positive mental state, good physical health, and sustaining your emotional strength and endurance.

In this online seminar we will talk you through how to set up the resilience rituals, daily habits, physical energy hacks, and mental frameworks so that you are best positioned to adapt, endure and overcome these trying times.

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Webinar: Resilience Rituals & Routines

COMING UP: Fail Forward

Four ideas on how to use failure and setbacks to propel you into success

It is inevitable that you will face failure, setbacks and obstacles in your personal, professional and financial life sooner or later.  Your relationship with failure will determine if you are able to bounce back fast and move forward or whether you sit in self-pity and stay stuck after a setback.  

Academic psychologist and author of the renowned book ‘Mindset’, Carol Dweck, looked at the role that skill and attitude played when recovering from setbacks and failure.  

In this online seminar, we explain why individual resilience is greatly influenced by whether you have a growth or fixed attitude and we will present several mindsets that will help you develop your own resilient mental attitude.

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Webinar: Fail Forward

COMING UP: High Performance Teams

How to build resilient teams that thrive in the face of adversity

There will always be days of setbacks and ongoing problems, changes you can’t control, and workloads that never seem to end. You will be required to give more of yourself, take on greater responsibility, and, at times, find yourself right out of your comfort zone. Will your team keep their competitive edge through disruption?

The reality is that your business future will be filled with disruptions, pressures and changes that will both challenge you and open up new levels of possibility. A major key to your team’s success is being able to flow with change, adapt to pressure, and stay engaged and motivated – without burning themselves out. 

This is greatly determined by how well you can guide them to thrive in the face of adversity, and bounce back from the setbacks, pressures and challenges that may otherwise slow them down or wear them out.

In this online seminar, Michael will walk you through how to lead teams through disruption and change so they can be more adaptable, self motivated, productive and become better under pressure. 

COMING UP: Accelerating Your Productivity

Four strategies on how to get more done in high pressure environments

To achieve more in high-pressure environments you need to streamline and maximise your expenditure of time, attention, energy and availability

In today’s high-pressure environment, you will have multiple priorities that compete for your attention, have many layers of responsibility to account for, and often have requests and demands from people who need your help.  

Having the right skill set to handle this environment can be the determining factor of whether you meet deadlines, fulfil all your requirements, an uphold a high level of service.  

In this online seminar you will learn about developing disciplined self-management, having selective availability, doing deep work, managing your energy expenditure, and maximising your time usage.

COMING UP: Keep Your Drive Alive

Practical tips to building grit, stickability and motivation

Many organisations rely on traditional punishment-and-reward systems to motivate people.  In his book “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us,” author Daniel Pink explains that more powerful forms of sales motivation can come from intrinsic sources. 

He points to multitudes of research that identify autonomy, mastery and purpose as powerful motivators, saying that the science confirms what we already know in our hearts.  

In this online seminar, we will unpack the key drivers that motivate us, shape our behaviour, and influence our day-to-day choices and decisions

COMING UP: Creating a Sustainable Career

4 principles to prevent yourself from getting over-worked, stressed-out and run-down

In today’s face paced and time poor business environment, stress is evident everywhere.   While a portion of people thrive in high stress conditions, the reality for many people is that the impact of sustained pressure results in inconsistent work quality, reduced drive, stress related ailments, and a higher potential of burnout and staff turnover.

Many professionals are desperate to slow down, spend more time with their family, and take better care of their wellbeing, but often struggle to find the time and energy to make it happen.

In this online seminar, you will learn how to reduce your stress, strike a healthy integration between your work and personal life, keep your sanity, and prevent yourself from burning out altogether! 

COMING UP: Maximise Your Influence

How to resolve issues faster with less resistance

Do you know how to manage, and resolve, a heated conversation with an upset client or colleague efficiently and effectively?  

Getting your message across clearly and efficiently is core to effective communication and resolving issues.  This is especially the case when people dominate your conversations and take over, or when emotionally charged people make it difficult to get your point across.  

In this online seminar, you will learn a process that shows you how to take control of a conversation with people are emotional or strong willed, so that that you can resolve issues faster (without going around in circles for 20 minutes), cut through the emotional tension, avoid being spoken over, get your point across, and be fresh and refocused for the next conversation.

COMING UP: Emotionally Resilient Communication

Handling emotionally heated conversations without becoming drained

Are you able to stay focused and calm when clients or colleagues press your ‘hot buttons’ and project their problems onto you?

When we get upset it can throw your focus, productiveness and emotional control for the entire day.  People can only have that negative impact on you if you personalise the conversation or lose control of the conversation.  

In this online seminar, you will understand the core components that comprise your emotional resilience and learn you how to stay calm and in control how you feel in almost any situation, without taking any tense conversations home to your family and personal life.

COMING UP: Building Business Rainmakers

Fill your sales funnel in tough markets

No matter how smart you are, how much experience you have, or how technically proficient you may be - no clients means no business.

Contacting your clients, or seeking out new prospects, in order to create new business is not necessarily an easy or natural process for many people to do. 

In this online seminar you will learn the 4 key distinctions of business development process that will keep you on track to putting more people into your sales funnel.    

COMING UP: Sales Savvy

Unlocking the sleeping business in your database

Business success relies on you moving beyond just servicing your client’s immediate needs to also opening up new opportunities with their network, family, and new lifestyle requirements. 

Many industry professional never ask their clients for new or more business in the fear of looking ‘salesy’ or needy.  The reality is that you may be sitting on a goldmine of untapped revenue opportunities that is waiting to unlocked - if your simply knew how to ask your clients the right questions.   

In this online seminar, you will learn how to dissolve selling apprehension by using active listening and targeted questioning to unlock new referrals, revenue streams, and add value to existing business

COMING UP: Sales Active

Maximising your activity to hit sales targets faster

Success in business weighs heavily on your ability, and willingness, to engage new (and existing) clients to create more business opportunities.

Ensuring that you stay active in your client acquisition and sales activity, on a daily basis, is crucial to filling your sales funnel and securing future revenue.

Drawing on the psychology of implementation will help you to stay on track with your core client engagement and business development activities.  

In this online seminar, you will learn the 4 components of sales activity that will keep you on track and set to hit your sales/revenue targets faster.

COMING UP: Sales Resilience

Bouncing back from rejections and setbacks

As a good proportion of initial sales calls/meetings end in ‘No’ - setbacks are a part of any sales process.  Most salespeople, however, are never taught how to deal with the impact of hearing ‘no’, and as a result their effectiveness and productivity are diminished and the likelihood of future success reduced.

Setbacks and rejections are a part of your day to day operations, so having the daily motivation and drive to follow up with clients, mine your database for leads, and make the new calls can mean the difference between your success and failure

In this online seminar, you will learn how to keep your drive alive by building your resilience and bounce back from the setbacks, challenges and failings that may otherwise burn you out or leave you feeling flat.

COMING UP: Sales Smart

Handling sales objections, rebuttals, and push backs

An inevitable part of lead generation is dealing with client push back and objections.  This can send the most experienced professional into an apologetic ramble, shut down, and immediate back peddling to abandon the sales process. 

Your ability to stay composed and confidently explore the true meaning behind the objection or push back will enable you to turn a dead end into a new opportunity.

In this online seminar, you will learn how to turn up prepared to handle your client objections with ease, confidence and calm.

COMING UP: Sales Confidence

Overcoming call apprehension, sales avoidance

Even for the most experienced sales professional, making contact with a new client (or an existing one) can be anxiety producing, and hence is often avoided and procrastinated over. 

Many people invest a lot of time and energy into building relationships with referral partners that never convert into any business simply because we are afraid to ask.

Too often we allow fear, self doubt, negativity or procrastination get in the way from making client calls, setting up meetings or asking for the business.

In this online seminar, you will learn how to identify the 7 key obstacles to call confidence and get past them so you can stay active in your sales/lead generation activity.  

COMING UP: Creating a Resilient Mental Attitude

How to stay calm, focused and clear headed during in high pressure situations

When you are faced with changes you can’t control and massive challenges, stress levels spike and tension rises.  

Your best defence is having a mindset that allows you to ride the waves and adapt to change - without burning yourself out.

In this online seminar you will learn how to build a resilient mental attitude that will allow you to perform at your best and let tension and strain be like water off a duck’s back.